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Minister of Transport Announces Sedfa Signaling Tower & Automatic Zone between Sedfa Signaling Tower and Tama Signaling Tower Entering Into Service within Developing Signaling Systems on Asyut- Naga Hammadi Line Project


Based on the continuous directives of the political leadership of the Egyptian government represented by the Ministry of Transport towards the completion of the projects related to developing and modernizing railway signaling systems to increase safety and security rates as well as achieving full control over trains traffic and reduce dependence on the human element in order to reduce accidents on railways, lieutenant-general, Eng. / Kamel al-Wazir, minister of transport, announced that Sedfa signaling tower & the automatic zone between Sedfa signaling tower and Tama signaling tower have entered into service within developing signaling systems on Asyut- Naga Hammadi railway line project, with a length of 180 km, which is currently being implemented by the global Spanish company Thales with a modern electronic system (EIS), which achieves the highest level of safety  and holds (Safety integrity level) SIL4 certificate achieves (the highest level in the world), as the area of  8 km and 2 level crossings entered service.
The minister explained that the project consists of (17 main towers, 3 secondary towers, and 60 level crossings), so that 8 main signal towers and 1 secondary tower have been entered into service so far, namely (Shandawil Island - Maragha - Tahta - BelSafoura - (Tama - Mashta) – Al-Monshaa’ - Al-Ausayrat - Sadfa) with a length of 82 km out of a total of 180 km, and the entry of 29 level crossings out of a total of 60 level crossings, pointing out that Al-Ausayrat signaling tower controls 32 optical semaphores, 18 point machines, and 53 electric track circuits.
He added that the modernization of railway signaling systems aims to replace the current system (old electrical and mechanical one) with a modern electronic one, increase the number of trips per day, and achieve the highest levels of safety and security. He pointed that the modernization of signaling and communication systems includes monitoring the trains traffic by moment, providing the level crossings with bells, lights and automatic barriers to reduce accidents and achieve safety for vehicles, as well as a system that allows the driver to contact the operation controller from any semaphore in cases of emergency or sudden malfunctions.