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Entry into service of Manfalut Tower and the automatic zone between Manfalut and Al-Qusiya at length of 20 km within the project of signals modernization on the line of Beni Suef/ Assiut


Minister of Transport: “Entering, the Manfalut Tower in Assiut Governorate, within the project of the signals systems modernization on Beni Suef / Assiut line, into service and the automatic zone between Manfalut and Al-Qusiya at length of 20 km, the total electrified signals on the line, up to 161 km, which increases the safety rates on Beni Suef-Assiut line and enhances the control of the trains’ circulation”.
The Minister of Transport, General Lieutenant- Engineer / Kamel Al-Wazir, announced the entry into service of Manfalut Tower in Assiut Governorate after the completion of the modernization and development works, as part of the project of signals modernization on Beni Suef-Assiut line at length of 250 km, which is currently being implemented by the global Italian company Alstom with a modern electronic system (EIS), which achieves the highest safety rates and has a SIL4 (Safety integrity level) certification, safety rate level 4, which is the highest safety rating in the world. 
The minister explained that the project consists of (15 main towers, 24 secondary towers, and 86 level crossings), and that the execution rate of the project reached 83%, as the company is carrying out the finishing and installation works for 4 parallel towers at various stages, and Manfalut Tower in Assiut Governorate is the eleventh main tower Which was entered into service after the towers  of (Abu Qurqas - Maghagha - Al-Rawda - Bani Mazar - Mallawi - Mattay - Samalut) in Minya governorate; and (Dairout - Al-Qusiya - Manfalut) towers in Assiut governorate and Al-Fashn tower in Beni Suef governorate, pointing out that the Manfalut signal tower in Assiut governorate  and the automatic  zone at length of 20 km, controls 64 light semaphors, 5 level crossings, 18 point machines, and 106 electric tracks - with operating the headway and the contraflow between the Manfalut and Qusiya towers, to be 161 km distance current operating.
General Lieutenant, Engineer Kamel Al-Wazir,  referred that the modernization of the railway signaling indicated that the modernization of railway signaling system on Beni Suef/Assiut line aims to replace the current (mechanical) system with a modern electronic one, which leads to an increase in safety and control factors in the safety and security of the trains circulations that contribute in reducing the coupling period among trains and increasing the capacity of the network by increasing the number of trips during one day, and achieving the highest levels of safety and security, adding that the modernization of signaling and communication systems includes monitoring the trains circulations, moment by moment, and equipping level crossings with bells, lights and automatic barriers to reduce accidents and achieve safety for vehicles, and a system that allows the driver to contact the operation controller from any semaphore in case of emergency or sudden malfunctions.