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At the start of his visit to Spain, the Minister of Transport meets the top management of Talgo Company and inspects its factory in Madrid to follow up the production line of trains


At the start of his visit to Spain, the Minister of Transport meets the top management of Talgo Company and inspects its factory in Madrid to follow up the production line of trains----------------

The Minister:

  1. The first train will be shipped from Spain by mid-November this year as part of a deal to manufacture and supply 6 new air-conditioned passenger trains.
  2. Talgo Company will provide the workshop of Talgo trains in El Farz workshop in Cairo with equipment similar to what is used in Talgo workshop in Madrid.
  1. Agreement to follow the predictive maintenance system (T Smart) in the contract for the supply of 6 trains.

At the beginning of his visit to Spain to discuss the support for joint cooperation in various transport projects and to follow up the plan for the production of 6 trains contracted with the Spanish International Talgo, H.E Lieutenant General Kamel El-Wazir, Minister of Transport, in the presence of Engineer/ Mustafa Abu Al-Makarem, chairman of Egyptian National Railways Authority, held an expanded meeting with the Top Management of Talgo Company, in the presence of Mr./ Carlos Oriol (Chairman of the company), Gonzalo Fernández (Managing director) and Ms./ Mona Arafa (the acting Egypt ambassador to Spain) at the main Headquarter of Talgo Company in Madrid. 

At the beginning of the meeting, the Chairman of Talgo welcomed the Minister of Transport on his first visit to Spain and to Talgo Comapny, stressing that it reflects the fruitful cooperation between the two sides. Then Talgo presented an introductory film about the company as one of the largest manufacturers of ordinary trains and high-speed trains in the world, which started its production for over seventy years.

Talgo made a presentation about the situation of the project for supply of 6 trains to the Egyptian National Railways Authority, which included pictures of first and second class coaches. Talgo also confirmed that it gives first priority to this project among the various projects that the company is implementing. It also stressed its commitment to ship the first train from Spain by mid-November this year, provided that the schedule for shipping other trains will be compressed successively. After that, the company has reviewed all the technical advantages of its trains, which enabled it to take over more than 60% of the operated high speed trains in Spain.

On his part, The Minister confirmed that the Egyptian government represented by MOT carries out, based on the political leadership directives, a comprehensive plan for developing the rolling stock system of the railway passenger coaches, which is represented in this contract with Spanish Talgo Company. In addition, it contracted with Russian Transmash company which considers the representative of the Russian-Hungarian consortium to manufacture and supply 1,300 new railway passenger coaches whose batches will arrive successively, as well as developing and upgrading the existing fleet. The Minister indicated that it is necessary to respect the time plan that was agreed upon, and that the schedule for supplying the trains should be compressed and intensified.

Talgo has also emphasized its willingness to cooperate with the Ministry of Transport in the field of sleeping coaches. The company made a presentation on the composition of the sleeping train thus proposed, which conforms to the highest European standards. The two sides agreed to continue coordination regarding the submission of an integrated offer from Talgo Company for this project with a soft financing, as well as the company's cooperation with SEMAF Factory for the project.

At the end of the meeting, the Minister of Transport confirmed that there are future needs of passenger trains, which will operate on the existing network, and of the future high speed trains network. Both sides can cooperate together to meet these needs.

After that, HE. Lieutenant General, Engineer Kamel Al-Wazir, Minister of Transport, accompanied by Chairman of Egyptian National Railways Authority, made a tour in Madrid Talgo factory, where the Minister saw all the capabilities of Talgo in manufacturing the locomotives, as he inspected the first locomotive under manufacturing in accordance with the company’s last contract with Germany, as well as the stages of the assembly of high-speed trains under manufacturing for Spain. The Minister inspected also one of the trains fully manufactured and tested. Then the Minister visited the workshop that prepares daily the trains of the Talgo company in Madrid.

The Minister watched the maintenance form that the company will follow in accordance with the contract signed with the Egyptian National Railways Authority in respect of the preparation of workshop and the maintenance methodology, by inspecting the periodic maintenance works of one of the Talgo high-speed trains, which operates on the Spain’s network for more than twenty years.

Talgo Company confirmed that it will provide the workshop that is being implemented specifically for Talgo trains in El farz workshop with equipment similar to what is used in this workshop.

After that, Talgo Company showed the Minister the predictive maintenance system (T Smart) that will be followed in the contract of the supply of six trains with ENR, through which the maintenance team will be able to know the state of the train during its operation on the network and determine the malfunctions, if any, before the arrival of the train to the workshop through the sensors existing on the main components of the train.