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The Minister of Transport and the World Bank delegation inspect the implementation rates of the CTC


The Minister of Transport and the World Bank delegation inspect the implementation rates of the central control tower (CTC ) within  the project to modernize signal and communication systems for Cairo-Alexandria line, with a length of 208 km.
The Minister directs the speed of study and planning of the establishment of a central control center for all railways lines  and the rapid electric train network
<<< The lieutenant, Kamel Al-Wazir, inspects Abu Ghats workshops , which is specialized in the daily preparation  and periodic maintenance of railway coaches .
The minister: 
1-Completing the development work for all sectors of the workshop and its infrastructure, and supplying it with modern equipment and modern washers.
2- Carrying out the process of supplying locomotives with great accuracy and not wasting any diesel because it is within the people’s money and immediately hold any negligent accountable
3. No train should leave the workshop until after making sure of its technical condition. 
Within the framework of the political leadership’s directives for the comprehensive development of the railway system with all its components, the lieutenant, Engineer Kamel Al-Wazir, and the Minister of Transport conducted an inspection tour to follow up the implementation of a number of railway projects. The Minister started it by following up the project to modernize the signaling and communication systems on the Cairo-Alexandria line with a length of 208 km, which is implemented by the Spanish international company Thales, and was accompanied during the tour by a delegation from the World Bank headed by Eng. Ibrahim Dajani, Regional Director of the Middle East Transport Sector
Where the Minister inspected the construction works of the central control tower for the line (CTC) in Mahmasha, where the Minister and the World Bank delegation were showing the implementation rates of the tower, where all construction works had been completed by 100%, and the connection of the tower to the rest of the line’s towers is being completed, also the project manager explained that this tower will be controlled from it after completing from the project implementation in all the signal elements and all the towers along the line, all trains operating on the line will be monitored through the screens existing in tower, and the building is equipped to accommodate 3 additional updated lines and the building’s factors are ready to add a central control building. The Minister directed the Ministry of Transport and Railways leaders to quickly study and plan the establishment of a main central control center for all railways and speed electric trains’ network.
The Minister of Transport stressed to ENR leaders the speedy completion of this project according to the specified schedule plan (end of December 2021) due to its great importance in increasing the safety and security factors of the line and achieving full control over the trains movement and reducing dependence on the human element, pointing out that this project is being implemented by modern electronic system (EIS), which achieves the highest levels of security and has a certificate of SIL4 (Safety integrity level) fourth level security rate (this is the highest security rate in the world), The minister explained that the project consists of (19 main towers, 15 secondary towers, and 80 crossings), and so far, 14 main towers, 12 secondary towers, and 67 crossings have been entered into service, pointing out that projects are underway and plans to implement projects to modernize signaling systems on railways. With a length of about 1900 km, at a cost of more than 50 billion pounds.
From his part, Engineer Ibrahim Al-Dajani, Director of the Transport Sector for the Middle East and North Africa at the World Bank, praised the positive cooperation with the Ministry of Transport and the Egyptian National Railways in various fields of transport, including financing the modernization of signaling and communication systems on the 208-km Cairo-Alexandria line, notifying that this cooperation in the field of developing the railway has a positive effect on the Egyptian national economy, reduces the cost of transportation, improves the safety and security of transporting passengers and freight, contributes to increasing the number of trips on railways, and improves the service provided for the public of passengers, pointing to the great interest paid by the World Bank, in cooperation with the Egyptian side, in reducing the carbon emissions of the various means of transportation.
The minister, then, went to inspect Abu Ghats Railway Workshops specializing in the daily preparation and periodic maintenance of railway coaches, where the minister inspected the different sections of the workshop (daily preparation – periodic maintenance – deficiencies – lifting – preparation). The minister witnessed the works of preparation and maintenance related to Russian coaches, which are carried out in cooperation with the experts of Russian Transmash Holding Company, the manufacturer and supplier of 1,300 new passenger railway coaches deal. Moreover, the stages of the daily preparations and maintenance related to Momayaza coaches and mixed trains (consisting of air-conditioned and Momayaza coaches) were followed up. Additionally, the minister witnessed the process of supplying locomotives with fuel, stressing that there must not be any wasted fuel because it is of the people's money and that any person should be hold immediately accountable for any negligence.
The Minister met with a number of the workshop workers and stressed the completion of the development works for all sectors of the workshop and its infrastructure besides supplying it with modern equipment and modern washers in order to achieve advancement for the workshop and place it in the ranks of railway workshops, adding that every worker must perform his duties in accordance with the specific job description. He confirmed the need to hold periodic meetings between ENR’s leaders and workers to create an appropriate work environment. He added that everyone must race to serve the passenger. The minister also stressed that no train leaves the workshop except after making sure of its technical condition and fully maintaining all spare parts in the workshop and arranging them according to the system followed in all workshops.