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To Achieve Cooperation Aspects & Expertise Transfer Wardan Institute Receives Sudanese Ministry of Transport Undersecretary &


TEgyptian National Railways’ Wardan Institute received Mr. Muhammad Bashar Muhammad Adam, Undersecretary of the Sudanese Ministry of Transport and Mr. Walid Mahmoud Ahmed, General Director of Sudan Railways, with the aim of achieving aspects of cooperation; transferring expertise; training, qualifying and raising the efficiency of workers in Sudan Railways. They were accompanied by Dr. / Muhammad Hussien, ENR’s Vice-Chairman for Human Resources Sector as well as Mr. Accountant / Hisham Abdel Wahed, ENR’s Vice-Chairman for the Financial Sector, where they made a tour inside the institute, representing in classrooms, laboratories, locomotives simulators, stadiums and gymnasiums, restaurants court, and living rooms located inside the institute.
The meeting dealt with the Egyptian side’s proposal for qualifying the trainers, the enrollment of Sudanese students in Wardan Training Center to be a nucleus and pillar on which Sudan railways depend to develop, as well as the possibility of sending experts from Egypt to the brothers in Sudan if the necessary capabilities and training assistance are available.
In implementation of the vision and directives of His Excellency Lieutenant-General, Minister of Transport ,regarding the development and advancement of the human element as it is the main driver of the transport system, there has always been an urgent need to develop Wardan Institute, as the Ministry of Transport succeeded during 2019 to obtain the accreditation of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to become an above-intermediate technical institute for railways technology, aiming at graduating batches of technicians and specialists in various fields related to railway activities, which is achieved by providing scientific and technical materials with the latest technologies, especially in light of the great transformation in the modern means of transportation that Egypt is witnessing during the current time, which depends on electric traction technology and Ministry of Transport modern projects that are currently being implemented.
The duration of study at the institute is currently two academic years depending on the internal study system, where housing is available for permanent residence for students. After graduation, the student is awarded an industrial technical institutes diploma certificate in the specialization.
It is worth mentioning that the institute was established in 1968 and training works began in 1970. The institute covers an area of 150 acres in addition to an attached farm of 20 acres. The institute is located at Wardan town, Giza governorate, 50 km northwest of Cairo.
The development works at the institute began in 2009 and lasted until 2014 with a total cost of 240 million Egyptian pounds, as well as 41 million dollars, the value of new equipment, laboratories and simulators, so as to make the institute an integrated educational facility allowing full accommodation and subsistence  for the students and workers at the institute. This was achieved with the purpose of keeping pace with modern technology in the field of railways. The institute has laboratories with a total area of approximately 2500 square meters and includes 17 laboratories accommodating an average of 350 students, in addition to simulators with an area of 1100 square meters including five locomotive simulators of the Canadian Adtranz, GE, EMD, Henschel models. There is also a hotel housing area with 10 buildings consisting of 339 double residential rooms, including a bathroom, as well as restaurant and kitchen buildings with an area of 3150 square meters that can accommodate 1,000 students or trainees at one time. There is also an outpatient clinic, an x-ray and analysis lab at which operations are performed and patients are accommodated, besides a ward dedicated to the residence of doctors. Moreover, there is a mosque that can accommodate about 500 worshippers. Finally, there is an area for playgrounds and green spaces with an area of 33,000 meters, including (swimming pool - football pitch - main field track - basketball court – fustal court with artificial grass, as well as an indoor hall with an area of 2000 square meters).