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The minister of transport inspects Gabal El Zaitun Workshops in Alexandria, specialized in the repair and overhaul of railways freight wagons. He meets the staff and train drivers and he has Iftar (breakfast) with them.


The minister 
1-    A plan to increase the transported volume by railways to reach 25 million tons per year, by 5% of the transported volume on the national level. 
2-    Modernizing all the equipment in workshops, exploiting all its spaces and constructing new workshops that have the latest equipment to increase its productivity. 
3-    Incentive to those who truly deserve it and no incentives to those who don’t work, profits only for the profitable companies by strictly applying the penalty and incentive principle.
Lieutenant-General Kamel Al-Wazir, Minister of Transport, inspected yesterday Gabal El Zaitun workshops in Alexandria (specialized in the repair and overhaul of railways freight wagons), and was accompanied during the inspection tour by ENR chairman and  leaders.
The tour started with a presentation about the workshop, which has an area of about 18 acres (equivalent to 75600 square meters), including the outside yards. The number of current personnel is about distributed 530 engineers, technicians, workers and administrators. The workshops conduct general overhauls, make all modifications for all models of freight wagons and perform the comprehensive renovations of the wagons (iron - girl - coal of two types) as well as the repair of the major failures of the wagons. Then, the minister inspected the different workshop sections (bogies - wheel lathes – roller bearing section – sheet metal - Dokki lathes - welding) and witnessed the stages of repair and overhaul of freight wagons.
The minister emphasized during his tour the necessity of modernizing all equipment in the workshop and utilizing all areas therein to establish new workshops with the latest equipment to increase the productivity of the workshop with the aim of increasing the number of the repaired and overhauled vehicles. Noting that the Ministry of Transport has a plan to increase the transported volume by railways to reach 25 million tons annually by 5% of the transported volume at the national level to increase ENR resources and reduce the loads on the roads, adding that a contract has been signed with SEMAF Factory to manufacture and supply (140) flat freight wagons for containers from which 131 wagons have been supplied and a contract has been signed to supply 75 wagons for the transport of grains. Finally, a contract has been signed with Semaf factory to supply 1000 freight wagons of various types (300 open dump wagons, which are a new type that enter into service for the first time in the Egyptian National Railways - 375 flat container wagons- 150 tank wagons - 125 box wagons - 50 brake vans). 
The minister met the workers of the workshop and train drivers in the Alexandria region and had breakfast with them. During the meeting, the Minister of Transport confirmed that when he assumed the Ministry of Transport portfolio in front of Mr. President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic of Egypt and in front of the Egyptian people, he pledged to make the Egyptian National Railways in the vanguard of the entities that serve citizens with the arms of its sons. Pointing out the implementation of a comprehensive plan to develop the railway system, so everyone must carry out the tasks assigned to him, be disciplined and full vigilant, and everyone must compete to serve the Egyptian citizen, especially since the state has provided all the capabilities for the railway facility.
Noting that a comprehensive plan has been developed for promoting the railway facility and creating a significant quantum leap in the level of service provided to the passenger public through the development of all elements of the current railway system, whose network lengths reach 10,000 linear kilometers in parallel with the construction of a network of high speed electric train lines and linking them together. Whereas, the development plan is based on five main axes (rolling stock (locomotives - wagons) - infrastructure (tracks - stations – level crossings) - control systems of the trains circulation (development of signaling systems) – workshops development - human element development). Railway traction fleet is enhanced to support passenger and freight trains. 
Pointing out that the incentive is for those who deserve it and there is no incentive for those who do not work. By increasing the workshops productivity, the incentives will increase accordingly and only the profitable companies are entitled to get profits; the principle of penalty and incentive will be firmly applied. Referring to the plan for developing the human element, a plan has been developed and implemented for rehabilitating, training, educating and raising awareness of the existing human element; and upgrading its technical level and setting a mechanism and various selection criteria for the new comers. H.E also referred to the importance of the two committees of incentives and procurement, which consist of a number of the workshop workers, confirming the importance of commitment to the official working times.