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ENR’s Chairman on a Field Visit to Follow up Works Punctuality at Al-Tawdeeb & Shubra Al-Khaimah Towers, Shubra Al-Khaimah Station, and Al-Farz Workshops.


Eng. Ashraf Raslan, ENR’s Chairman, inspected some of the works sites to ensure the punctuality of the work there. He started by inspecting the current development works at Al-Tawdeeb tower within the works of developing signaling systems on Cairo / Alexandria line project, implemented by Thales. Al-Tawdeeb & Shubra Al-Khaimah towers are scheduled to enter the service during the first week of May 2021.
During the visit, ENR’s Chairman confirmed the implementation of the directives of His Excellency, Lieutenant-General, the Minister of Transport, including finishing signaling systems development projects that are currently being implemented by the end of the current year 2021. He also directed the necessity of speeding up the installations works and the completion of all finishing works, emphasizing on raising the level of cleanliness around the tower and its entrance as well as constructing the floors of the tower entrance with interlocks, painting the internal and external façade of the old tower building, and removing any waste resulting from the development works, dust or garbage that would distort the ongoing development process.
Eng. Ashraf Raslan continued his tour by visiting Shubra Al-Khaima Station, during which he drew the attention to the level of cleanliness of the station, especially the façade and entrance of the station, planting the plants area at the station entrance, as well as cleaning the tiles and restoring and repairing the damaged ones.
ENR’s Chairman also emphasized that the concerned persons of Shared Services Sector must inspect ENR’s property and remove any trespassing works at the area around the station to preserve an important and main resource of ENR’s. He also inspected the administrative offices of the station and the ticketing windows, giving instructions to clean the ticket windows as well as the glass of the information office at the station entrance. He completed the tour by inspecting Shubra Al-Khaimah Tower to follow up the ongoing development works in it, confirming the intensification of the works and speeding up the works to finish the development works at the tower. Moreover, he directed towards the restoration of the tower building, covering random electrical wires and repairing damaged stairs, with an emphasis on removing any waste or garbage at the area around the tower that would cause a fire or affect the level of general cleanliness.
ENR’s Chairman ended his tour by inspecting Al-Farz Workshops, during which he directed to remove and arrange the rails at the workshop entrance, warning at the same time on the need to regularly inspect the fire extinguishers and ensure that all civil protection requirements are met and work to create a safe work environment. After that, ENR’s Chairman directed the officials of General Nile Company for Construction, the implementing body of the development works in the workshop, towards the necessity to take into account the safety and security factors by positioning signs indicating the work areas to preserve the safety of the workers. Additionally, he directed to remove and stack scrap in the places dedicated for this matter to be disposed of by the legal methods followed in this regard. He also inspected the building of the automatic control unit, directing towards the necessity of arranging the materials in the office for maintenance hassler, besides the placement of technical and instructional plates on it, with the necessity to save the spare parts resulting from the development of automatic control in locomotives so that they can be used.
In a related context, ENR’s Chairman inspected the medical center point at the workshop, giving instructions to position a lightening sign, and raising cleanliness level in the surrounding environment.
At the end of his tour at Al-Farz Workshop, Eng. Ashraf Raslan visited the Spanish Workshop, Locomotives Workshop and the new Talgo Workshop, during which he stressed the need to remove the locomotives and coaches found at the yard of the Spanish Workshop from the northern side to facilitate the shunting work, clean the tracks and panels inside the new Spanish Workshop, stack the brake shoes in the Locomotives Workshop and put informative signs on them, follow-up ballast cleaning and cleaning the tiles in general, collect panels and the result of railway renewals next to the new Talgo Workshop, remove lighting poles at the workshop entrance, as well as accelerate the completion of works in the administrative building of the workshop. He emphasized to position a sign in each workshop that contains an overview about the workshop, the nature of work there and the number of workers in it, stressing the need to raise the human element and work to raise the levels of training to be in line with the development approach of the machines, equipment and workshops they currently use.