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Minister of Transport Follows Up the Works of Renewing & Developing 925 Coaches at Kom Abu-Radi as Part of the Plan to Renew, Develop and Improve 1223 Coaches by the End of 2021


The Minister of Transport is following up the works of renewing and developing 925 coaches at Kom Abu-Radi Workshops as part of a plan to renew, develop and improve 1223 coaches by the end of 2021.
1. The development of the current fleet happens together with the continuous supply and manufacture of the batches of 1,300 new passenger railway coaches and 6 new trains that have been contracted for with the Spanish TALGO International Company, form which the first train will in the next July.
2. We are implementing a plan for the comprehensive development of all railway workshops and their continuous supply of modern equipment.
3. We seek the help of private companies to assist ENR with completing the development, rehabilitation and renewal of ENR’s fleet of the coaches before the end of 2021.
4. Every individual should perform their duty with the highest level of efficiency and everyone must work for making ENR at the top of the authorities providing the highest level of services for citizens.
Within the framework of the directives of the political leadership in the necessity of the comprehensive development of the railway system and the comprehensive renewal of the fleet of the passenger coaches not allowing the running of any old coaches on the lines by the end of 2021; Lieutenant-General Kamel Al-Wazir, the Minister of Transport, continued his inspection tours to follow up the development plan and the procedures for overhauls and maintenance as well as increasing the safety and security factors, where he inspected Kom Abu-Radi Workshops in Beni-Suef Governorate to follow up the works of the project concerning the renewal, development and improvement of 925 third-class coaches (re-improvement of 450 coaches, rehabilitation of 212 coaches and improvement of 263 coaches), including rehabilitating toilets, inspecting all doors and windows besides completing the missing, inspecting the completion of lighting, renewing the floors, inspecting the fiber, as well as the re-paint using the new shape and design.
Whereas the tour takes place within the follow-up of the plan related to renewing, developing and improving 1223 coaches by the end of 2021 (1023 coaches at track workshops , and 200 coaches to be rehabilitated at SEMAF factory).
He pointed out that the plan includes, in addition to developing the current fleet, supplying and manufacturing 1,300 new passenger railways coaches, of which 295 have arrived so far, and 6 new trains have been contracted for with Spanish TALGO International Company. The first train is expected to arrive in next July.
The minister inspected the various sections of the workshop and witnessed the stages of developing the coaches and the various overhauls. He directed towards the need to pay attention to quality control and that all works should be at the highest level to bring about a qualitative leap in the level, efficiency and appearance of ENR’s ordinary coaches, indicating the interest of the political leadership and its periodic and continuous follow-up to the comprehensive development process that the railway system is witnessing. At his meeting with the workers at the workshop, the Minister stressed the need to work around the clock to speed up the completion of all works and that everyone should perform their duties for making ENR at the top of the authorities as well as providing the highest levels of service for the passengers. He also confirmed that a zero-tolerance policy is waiting any negligence or dereliction.
The Minister also stressed the importance of expanding the total area of the workshop and the continuous development of equipment in addition to enhancing it with modern equipment to keep pace with the increasing demand for the development of coaches within the comprehensive plan for the development of all railway workshops, which includes the development of infrastructure and equipment, building new hangars for expansion, as well as opening new workshops and training their employees on the latest systems and technology for the maintaining, developing and carrying out the overhauls for the fleet of the rolling stock, indicating the need to seek the help of private sector companies to assist ENR with completing the development, rehabilitation and renewal of all ENR’s fleet of coaches before the end of 2021.