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Issuing Passengers’ Subscriptions for Russian Trains (With Dynamic Ventilation)


Issuing Passengers’ Subscriptions for Russian Trains (With Dynamic Ventilation)
Within the framework of the Ministry of Transport’s plan represented in modernizing transportation systems, especially the railway, with the aim of providing comfort and safety means besides facilitating journeys for the passengers in a way matching their desires and meeting their demands; Egyptian National Railways announces, , as of March 20, 2021, the availability of issuing subscriptions for Russian trains (with dynamic ventilation), which can be issued from all subscription offices found in all central stations across the Republic, which comes out of ENR’s keenness to work for the comfort of the passengers.
 Passengers’ subscriptions are issued for different periods (1 month - 3 months - 9 months - 12 months) according to the passenger's desire; where the holder of the subscription is allowed to reserve a seat in Russian trains without cash.
In case subscriptions holders travel on Russian trains (with dynamic ventilation) without reserving a seat, they are permitted to travel standing aboard the train.
It is also permissible for the previous subscriptions holders to issue them for (first ordinary - motawara - momayaza - mohasana) classes; public sector, private sector or students, for booking on the Russian trains through paying the class difference. If the subscription holder travels without having a ticket of the class difference, it is considered to be a passenger without a ticket, and the full fare must be paid in addition to the additional expenses (Fine).