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Chairman of ENR on an inspection visit to the ongoing development work at ERMAS workshop.


Engineer Ashraf Raslan, Chairman of ENR, inspected today the ongoing development work in the ERMAS workshop, and the follow-up of the workflow at the workshops and the production rates.
The Chairman of ENR began his visit by inspecting the work of developing internal roads inside the workshop, which is related to the work of concrete slabs and interlocks in some roads, in addition to the works of electricity, drainage, feeding, light current, compressed air works, and civil protection works to maintain a healthy and suitable work environment for workers, and during his passage, Engineer Ashraf Raslan instructed to speed up in the pace of work to finish the ongoing development work in the internal roads of the workshop, which is implemented by up to 50%.
The Chairman of ENR stressed during his inspection of the different sections of the workshop and reviewing the stages of work related to the overhaul and maintenance of locomotives, on achieving the concept of comprehensive quality, raising the efficiency of equipment and technical rehabilitation of the workers, indicating the need to be completely careful not to leave any locomotive out of the workshop without ensuring its technical safety and ensuring Adherence to inspection and quality standards for work.
Meanwhile, the paint workshop was inspected to follow up on the coaches painting works that are being developed in the ENR’s workshops, which are being painted at the ERMAS workshop with 10 coaches, which will be prepared on the 20th of this month this comes in light of the directives of His Excellency the President of the Republic on January 23, 2020, and the ENR’s plan to renew and raise the efficiency and replace all obsolete coaches on the railway with new coaches and upgraded coaches on all railway lines during the current year 2021 in accordance with the development plan that was presented to His Excellency the Lieutenant-General Minister of Transport on Monday February 3, 2021.
During his tour, Engineer Ashraf Raslan inspected the construction of the new bogies shed project for the maintenance of bogies, which is built on an area of 1500 square meters and contains two cranes with a load of 50 tons, and he directed to quickly finish the final finishing work on the work site, which reaches the percentage of work implementation by 80%.
The Chairman of ENR also completed his tour by inspecting the development works by visiting CNC machine and motors shed, and the development work is underway with an implementation rate of up to 60 % , The shed contains 3 cranes with a load of 10 tons, and the shed is divided into two parking lots with dimensions of 25 m x 60 m, and the final finishing works, flooring and iron sheet installation remain.
Engineer Ashraf Raslan also inspected the new warehouse building, and he directed to quickly finish the ongoing work to enable storing tasks in tight places to protect them from loss or waste, and also inspected the construction work of the new warehouse shed next to the warehouse building and the construction work carried out by 40%, it is mentioned that the new warehouse building It is divided into two floors and equipped with a tree crane with a load of 5 tons, and the percentage of construction works is 60%.
It is worth noting that these works are part of the development works in the third phase, implemented by the General Nile Company for Road Construction.
ERMAS workshops are considered one of the largest workshops in terms of specializing in the overhaul of locomotives, with an area of 115,500 square meters, divided into workshops (assembly, bogies, blasting and painting, central washing building, administrative building, workers services building, warehouses, transformers, turbines, Electricity building), and the number of workers in it is about 1500 workers.