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ENR’s Chairman on a Visit to Follow up the Works in AL-Farz Workshops in Cairo


Today, Eng. Ashraf Raslan, ENR’s Chairman, accompanied by ENR’s concerned officials, inspected the work at Al-Fazr Workshops in Cairo to follow up what has been accomplished of the development works, the punctuality of work progress and the commitment of employees.

ENR’s Chairman began his visit by inspecting the maintenance workshops for Talgo’s new trains, during which he reviewed an illustration of the project and the steps for its implementation by Eng. Project Manager. He directed towards developing an intensive schedule for the completion of the development works by the first of May of this year. Moreover, Eng. Ashraf Raslan inspected the development works in the workshop, which is equipped with four tracks for the maintenance of Talgo trains; in addition to the construction of a building for auxiliary workshops and development works for the administrative building, implemented by General Nile Company for Roads Construction.

It is noteworthy that the Thalgo’s first trains are scheduled to arrive during July of this year according to the contract No. 26/25 concluded between ENR and Spanish Talgo Company for the supply of 6 trains,.

After that, Eng. Ashraf Raslan inspected the works in Locomotives & Spanish Coaches Workshop as well as development percentages and rates, besides the maintenance stages for the coaches and locomotives in the workshop sections. He also directed towards reviewing the preparation and readiness works for coaches and locomotives, following the maintenance instructions, and allowing the train to leave only after a good preparation through the maintenance forms prepared for such matters and signing the works items by safety officials, which ensures proper review principles. During his inspection of the ongoing development works, he also directed to remove the random booths in the locomotives workshop and to remove the scrap existing on the tracks and yards resulting from the renewals works, placing them in the places designated for such matters so as to be later disposed of through legal means; and completing the ongoing work at the extension of  locomotives new shed in the workshop, represented in 3 tracks (2 main tracks + one buffer track), stressing paying the attention to the sewers and connecting them to the public sewers of the workshop, as well as cleaning the tracks in the workshop. He also inspected the renewals works for the tracks of the Spanish Workshop shed from the western side, where track renewals works for tracks no. 1 to 6, of which each track is 120 m long, have been completed; while tracks no. 6 & 7 are currently being renewed, representing in ballast cleaning and completing the installation of the turnouts; to get the western side of the Spanish yard completely ready with a number of 8 tracks and 12 turnouts; implemented by EGYFRY Company.

Completing his tour, while inspecting the Spanish workshop new shed, ENR’s Chairman followed up the work achieved represented in installing 4 sewage tracks and finishing their concrete paving, waiting their painting with epoxy painting; stressing on linking them to the tracks of Spanish workshop old shed. The works of separating oils and grease pits were also completed. They were connected to the public sewers of the workshop.

It is worth noting that the development of the workshop old shed has been completely finished. Additionally, the construction of the Spanish coaches workshop shed and the works at the locomotives shed have been completed with 97 execution percentage; implemented by General Nile Company for Roads Construction.

ENR’s Chairman continued his tour at Al-Farz workshops, directing towards the necessity to start the second phase of development works related to civil protection works by adopting fire & emergency plans, preparing early warning devices in the workshop stores, emphasizing on workers safety & occupational health clothes and tools, as well as works of paving roads in the workshops and preparing the two networks: water and sewage; all of this is to be carried through the coordination between the officials in the Shared Services Sector and the Project Consultant. The Chairman ended his visit by inspecting the medical section of the workshop and the recently completed development works in it, directing to planting the perimeter of the section and removing any wastes, with an emphasis on making a lightening sign for the section that suits the ongoing development process.

ENR’s Chairman concluded his tour by emphasizing the implementation of the various precautionary and preventive measures that have been announced by the government, aiming at ensuring the safety and health of citizens and the non-spread of the new Corona virus, in accordance with the guidelines of the World Health Organization.