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The chairman of ENR made a field visit to follow up the works at the workshops and station of Abbasia.



Engineer Ashraf Raslan, Chairman of ENR, inspected the works in   workshops and station of  Abbasia, to find out the development of the ongoing development work in the workshop, as well as the regularity of work at the station.


The chairman  began his visit by visiting the productive Abbasia workshops, inspecting  the different sections of the workshop (the mechanical section for the overhaul and maintenance of permanent way , the two sections  of accessories and lathing works, and the section of manufacturing interior parts of coaches , the section of the bridges for the maintenance of sheds , truss ,and manufacturing  metal fences in all workshops and the section for the production of frogs, switches and their components,
 Following up the smooth implementation of work and the regularity of its employees, and directing the officials in the workshop to make evening shifts in return of financial rewards to work to increase the productivity of the workshop, especially in light of the new strategy to increase productivity of the workshop and working to coordinate between this workshop  and all the workshops of ENR to provide their needs as an alternative to the Direct purchase in order to save expenses and to maximize ENR productivity and self-sufficiency in some technical matters, with an emphasis on activating the quality review section to confirm the quality of the workshop's productivity and ensure its suitability for use.
Eng. Ashraf Raslan also addressed, during his visit and talk to the workshop workers, to work to rehabilitate the human element, by changing their prevailing thinking and replacing it with a new idea based on profitability, which calls for maximizing revenues and working to reduce expenses through self-sufficiency with what can be provided internally in terms of equipment and tasks with knowledge. The production of ENR workshops, including Abbasia workshops, and accordingly, the chairman instructed to conduct the necessary feasibility studies to examine the extent to which the workshop produced manganese intersections.

In a related context, Eng. Ashraf Raslan inspected the works in the  inspection and civil protection rooms, and directing them to quickly complete the development work, directing the workers  in coordination with officials of the Nile Company in the roads construction , which is responsible for the development work in the workshop, the construction of the fences of the workshop, the completion of work on it according to the specified schedule for the work.



It is noteworthy that the development work is ongoing in the workshop,  by the  General Company Nile of Roads, from the process of developing some buildings and restoring some of them, rehabilitating the old shed, consisting of 11 spaces, constructing 3 new spaces, making the foundations of the gantry winch, electricity, drainage, feeding and fire works.

The chairman continued his tour by visiting the Abbasia station, during which he directed to review the brakes along the line, starting from the kobri al lamon  station till Tora, passing through Abbasia station.  He also stressed the review of all trespasses on-line and the issuance of police reports for the infringers in order to preserve ENR resources and to enable them to be maximized by making use of them .In addition to work on the construction of a concrete wall and buildings around Abbasia workshops on the side of Abbasiya Square on Salah Salem Street and create an iron gate to the workshop, adding an aesthetic form to the site, as instructed by the General, Minister of Transport, issued at the meeting held on February 9, 2021.