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The Minister of Transport witnesses the inauguration and entry of the Dairout signaling tower in service


Within the framework of the political leadership directives to comprehensively develop the railway system and achieve comprehensive development in Upper Egypt

The Minister of Transport witnesses the inauguration and entry of the Dairout signaling  tower in  service and the automatic zone between Mallawi and Dairout with a length of 22 km, bringing the total electrification of signaling on Beni Suef Assiut line to 95 km, which maximizes safety rates and enhances control over the movement of trains.


Within the framework of the political leadership's directives to comprehensively develop the railway system and achieve comprehensive development in Upper Egypt, Lieutenant-General Kamel Al-Wazir - Minister of Transport conducted an inspection tour today to follow up on a number of service and development projects being implemented in Upper Egypt.

The tour began by inspecting the level of service provided at Ramses railway station in Cairo, where he inspected the outer yard and the ticket counters, and the minister directed to  operate the tunnel entrances leading to the platforms  No 8, 9, 10 and 11 of the outer yard to facilitate to  the citizens. he also assured of taking the necessary measures to confront the Corona virus, the regularity of the operating schedules of all lines, the availability of tickets in all windows and ticket booths, and the Minister of Transport confirmed the speed of installing electronic gates at the entrances to a number of stations (Cairo, Giza, Sidi Gaber and Egypt in Alexandria as a first stage) to govern the entry of stations with tickets. He stressed the importance of placing the prices of the products sold at the kiosks on the platforms at the front of the stalls in order to facilitate the citizens, stressing that no train leaves the workshop until after full confirmation of its technical condition. And the spread of all responsibles at the operating sites and the procedure and formation of sudden committees to follow up the level of service in all railway lines and inform the passengers via the internal radio of the stations that enjoy this service about train times and safety instructions for riding trains and the need to ensure that passengers wear masks inside the railway stations, as he stressed on the responsibles of the railway their continuation  to carry out the comprehensive renewal of the passenger coaches  fleet and pushes the new coaches that arrive consecutively as part of the deal of  manufacturing  and supply of 1,300 new passenger railway coaches to continue improving the service provided to the passenger public. The Minister also stressed that it is in implementation of the directives of the political leadership by the end of this year, all passenger trains of all classes that are operated on the network lines with locomotives and coaches will be all new or developed, and no old trains will be allowed to run on the network lines at the end of this year.


Then the minister took Train No. 980 from Cairo to Dairout, where a dialogue took place with a number of passengers about the level of service, where the passengers praised the great progress in the level of service and the great development in the railway system, which the citizen witnesses on the ground.

The minister assured them that work is implementinf around the clock for the comprehensive development of the railway system with all its components.

In Dairout, the Governor of Assiut, Major General Issam Saad, received the Minister of Transport where he inspected the station. The Minister of Transport directed the rapid completion of the comprehensive development work for the station, which includes the development and lengthening of the sidewalks to allow the reception of the longest railway train in addition to developing a building and pedestrian bridges there.


 Then the minister / Kamel Al-Wazir witnessed the inauguration  and entry of the Dairout signal tower into service after the completion of its modernization and development work, as part of the project to develop signaling systems on Beni Suef / Assiut railway with a length of 250 km, which is currently being implemented by the Italian international company Alstom with a modern electronic system ) Which achieves the highest levels of safety and has a certificate of 4 SILL, where inauguration board was done by a number of members of Parliament in Qusay, Dairout and Manfalout.

The minister, in the presence of the Governor of Assiut and a number of members of Parliament, listened to a detailed explanation about the importance of the project, which consists of (15 main towers, 24 secondary towers and 86 level crossing ) and that the project implementation rate reached 73%, as the company undertakes construction work and installations for 8 towers ,Parallelism in different stages, and the Dairout tower in Assiut is the seventh main tower that was entered into service after the towers (Abu Qurqas - Maghagha - Rawda - Bani Mazar - Mallawi - Mattay) in Minya Governorate, pointing out that the Dairout tower in Assiut controls 66 optical semaphore and 8 level crossing  that works automatically And the number of 16 point machines and 119 electric track, with the operation of the headway and the reverse path between the towers of Mallawi and Dairout, with a length of 22 km, so the current operating distance is 95 km.

His excellency, the minister of transport stressed the importance of working around the clock to complete the project of modernizing the signaling systems on this line, especially with the importance of the project in replacing the current (mechanical) system with a modern electronic one, which leads to an increase in the safety, control and control factors in the safety and security of the trains' running and contributing to reducing period between trains and increase the capacity of the network by increasing the number of trips during one day, in addition to achieving the highest levels of safety and security.Adding that the modernization of signaling and communication systems includes monitoring the movement of trains, moment by moment, and equipping the level crossings with automatic bells, lights and gates to reduce accidents and achieve safety for vehicles, and a system that allows the driver to contact the operator from any Semaphore in cases of emergency or sudden breakdowns


The minister also clarified that according to the directions of the political leadership, projects are underway to modernize the signaling systems on railways with a length of 1,800 km, at a cost of 46.8 billion pounds, to increase the safety and security rates on the railways.