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ENR’s Chairman Inspection Tour to Follow up What Has Been Accomplished in Constructing Kafr Dawoad El-Sadat Link Project


Within the framework of the Ministry of Transport’s plan, represented by Egyptian National Railways, concerning the construction of new lines and links to connect the new urban communities to the railways network for the service of passengers and freight transport.

Today, February 13, Eng. Ashraf Raslan, ENR’s Chairman inspected the works from the beginning of connecting the link to Imbaba / Itay El-Baroud line from Kafr Dawood and Al-Tarana station, to follow up what has been achieved in the framework of constructing Kafr Dawoad El-Sadat link project.

ENR’s Chairman began his visit at Kafr Dawoad station, reviewing the works at the distance stated for the work, directing to make a sign by General Nile Company for Road Construction containing an illustration and an explanation of the project, provided that the sign to be positioned next to the metal bridge above Al-Rayyah Al-Nasiri.

Eng. Ashraf Raslan also confirmed that the corridor of the link to be paved till Al-Baraka Monastery at 4 km point, following up, on his own, the removal of any obstacles along the corridor that would impede the completion of the project.

During the visit, the opening of the corridor was carried out from 2,500 km point to 3,700 km point. The corridor from 19 km point to 18 km point was also opened, emphasizing that all survey works as well as longitudinal and cross sections alignment for the distance from 3,700 km point to 19 km point to be finalized. An urgent meeting in this respect was held between the project consultant and representatives of both ENR and the executing company in the morning of February 14, to deliver these sections to the executing company, noting that, during his tour, ENR’s Chairman was accompanied by the project consultant, representatives of the executing company, the police commissioner of Al-Sadat City Police Station as well as the President of Al-Sadat City.

It is worth noting that General Nile Company for Road Construction is carrying out embankment construction works from 0 km point to 3,700 km point, in implementation of public benefit decisions No. 1735 and 1736 of 2020.

It is worth noting that all civil works of the project were completed at the distance from 19,500 km point to 34,400 km point. A terminal station for passengers and freight at 34 km point, a station for passengers at 28 km point, as well as embankments, revetments, block booths and a metal bridge over Al-Rayyah Al-Nasiri at 2,500 km point, were constructed. These works are being rehabilitated at this distance due to the suspension of the implementation of the works since 2010 over the past 11 years.

On the other hand, coordination is underway with Survey Department in Al-Menoufia Governorate and the security authorities to complete the implementation of Public Benefit Decision No. 1736 of 2020 for the distance from 3,700 km point to 19,500 km point and to secure work staffs during the implementation along the corridor.

Eng. Ashraf Raslan ended the visit by inspecting the link works from 19,500 km point until the end of the link at 34,400 km point, and inspecting the works that were carried out to rehabilitate the passengers station at 28 km point to serve the people of Al-Sadat City.