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The Chairman of ENR inspects the Assiut and Manfalut stations in the Assiut Governorate


Engineer Ashraf Raslan, the Chairman of ENR, inspected today the work in Assiut and Manfalut stations in Assiut Governorate, to ensure the regularity of work and the commitment of the workers.

During his visit, the Chairman directed a review of the lighting at the Manfalut station, as well as the front of the two stations, to match the general aesthetic pattern and in line with the comprehensive development witnessed by the Egyptian railway sector.

Engineer Ashraf Raslan also inspected the ticket office, instructing the necessity to treat the passengers' public well, with reiterating that its employees follow all preventive measures previously announced by ENR. He directed to permanent inspection to control the process of passengers wearing masks as a precautionary measure followed at all railway stations in its open and closed places, as well as inside trains, with the application of the prescribed fines being collected in the event of non-compliance with wearing masks, with instructions to provide masks at ticketing outlets for sale to the public.

During his visit, the Chairman of ENR directed to review the booths on the platforms, to confirm that they conform to the forms approved by ENR, while taking all legal measures with the violators.

During the completion of his tour, and while inspecting the Assiut station, , the Chairman  issued his directives to review the cleanliness of the station, expressing his dissatisfaction with the level of cleanliness in the station and directing the need to upgrade it. He confirmed that he would not accept any complacency regarding the service provided, which must befit the citizens who travel with trains. Eng. Ashraf Raslan also directed to continue the work of the ticket issuing machines at Assiut station. So that they can be utilized optimally. He also inspected the work in the operation office to check on the regularity of work in it, directing the necessity of regularity of trains' schedules avoiding any delays, emphasizing on operating the station's internal radio to announce any delays as they occur, to ensure the comfort of the train passengers.

While he was at Assiut station the Chairman met the station's employees, exchanging conversations with them to ensure that they were familiar with their work duties and operating instructions.

He also directed to review the buffet contracts located on the platforms, while obliging him to the area designated for it, and in the event of a violation, to warn him to terminate his contract, with an emphasis on property officials in the region to review any infringements that would waste ENR funds, and to write police minutes for infringers to preserve ENR  resources.

At the end of the tour, the Chairman met with the region officials to follow up on the position of the signaling  electrification projects on Beni Suef / Assiut and Assiut / Nagaa Hammadi, and to assure the leaders of the region to follow up on the progress of the two projects around the clock and to confirm the entry into service of the Dairout Tower in mid-February 2021 and the Samalout tower in mid-March 2021. This is part of the project to develop signaling systems on the Bani Suef / Assiut line and to enter the Balsafoura tower into service in mid-March of this year 2021 as part of the project to develop signaling systems on the Assiut / Nagaa Hammadi line. The Chairman urged officials in the region to follow up the development of level crossings and stations according to the scheduled timetables .