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ENR: Operating Additional Trains and Additional Coaches to a Number of Trains between Alexandria / Cairo / Aswan and Vice Versa


Within the framework of the Ministry of Transport's plan reflected in the modernization of the transportation system, especially the railways, with the aim of providing all comfort means for train passengers, facilitating their journeys as well as supporting the revitalization of domestic tourism and visiting tourist attractions at Luxor and Aswan cities, Egyptian National Railways announces the operation of a number of additional trains and additional coaches to some of the current trains during the period from 2-2-2021 until 5-3-2021 between Alexandria - Cairo - Aswan and vice versa.

Eng. Ashraf Raslan, ENR’s Chairman, has emphasized the necessity to keep the punctuality of these trains departure stated times besides ensuring the safety and security means in them. Moreover, he has directed towards the necessity of taking the precautionary measures required in terms of the continuous disinfection and sterilization works to confront Corona virus, stressing the need for the commitment of workers and passengers to wear masks in order to preserve their safety and to provide a suitable service befitting the passengers.