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The Minister of Transport announces The arrival of 22 new stainless steel coaches bringing the total number of vehicles to 208


Minister of Transport announces arrival of 22 new passenger coaches to Alexandria port included in a deal of manufacture and supply of 1,300 new passenger coaches, to reach the total number of coaches to 208 coaches, which comes within the framework of the political leadership's directives for the comprehensive development of the railway system.

Lieutenant, Engineer Kamel Al-Wazir, Minister of Transport, announced the arrival of a new batch of new railway passenger coaches, totaling 22 coaches, to Alexandria Port included in a deal of manufacture and supply of 1,300 new coaches, which is considered the biggest and largest deal in the history of  Egyptian National Railways, signed by the Egyptian National Railways and Transmash Russian company, representing the Russian-Hungarian consortium, with a value of one billion, 16 million and 50 thousand euros.

Minister of Transport indicated that the 22 coaches which arrived are third-class coaches with dynamic ventilation, to reach the total number of coaches that have arrived so far to 208 coaches. The arrival of rest coaches will follow in succession in batches according to the specified schedule, so the citizens will see, on a monthly basis, entering into service of a new train sets consisting of locomotives and coaches all are new.

Indicating  that the great development in railway system in Egypt comes in light of the great interest that His Excellency President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic pays attention to develop the transport sector, including the railway sector, and providing all capabilities to upgrade it according to the latest global technological systems, pointing out that the deal contributes to raising efficiency of daily operation and regularity of operating schedules, especially as this coincides with the projects of modernizing the infrastructure works of the entity being implemented, including signaling systems, development of level-crossings, renewal of rails, improvement and development of stations and workshops, all these procedures and projects that the Ministry implements have contributed to increasing the safety and security rates in the trains operation and in improving the level of service provided to passengers.

Worth mentioning that the deal of 1300 new passenger coaches includes 800 air-conditioned coaches (500 third-class air-conditioned, which consider a new service is being offered to passengers for the first time in Egyptian National Railways history, 180 second-class luxury, 90 first-class luxury coaches and 30 air-conditioned buffet coaches) and 500 third-class coaches with Dynamic ventilation.