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The Chairman of Egyptian National Railway made a sudden tour to Cairo / Imbaba / Giza / Boulaq / Bashtil / Wardan line


Today, 2 of  January, Eng. Ashraf Raslan, ENR Chairman, went by motor with some officials, to inspect the work in some stations, level crossings and rails on Cairo / Khatatba line, to ensure the regularity of work.

The chairman began to depart from Cairo station, directing to revise the trespasses in station,  removing them, and making the police reports for the infringers to preserve the authority’s resources and not  wasting one of the most important resources of its income but  maximizing it, as well as closing the  illegal level  crossings and making  police records to preserve the safety of citizens and to ensure the regularity of the trains running on the  Line.

During the tour, chairman inspected the stations (Imbaba, Bashtil, Bulaq, Bashtil al-Balad, Al-Kom Al-Ahmar, Oseem, Bartus, Al-Manashe, That Al-Kom, Nekla, Bartus, Al-Qatta, Al-Jazirah Al-Wasatania, Abu Ghaleb, and Wardan)

The chairman was keen to assure of raising the level of cleanliness in some stations yards , and also for closing the illegal level crossings , and removing any trespasses which can waste the resources of ENR, and cleaning the sheds of ENR, and assuring the regularity of the work in the stations . removing the kiosks, which are not complying with the models approved by ENR, In consideration of the aesthetics and the general layout of the stations. the chairman also directed the redistribution of cleaning workers and workers in some stations and the appointment of administrative security personnel in order to complete the control of the stations cooperating with the transport and communications police, and he also directed to review the revenues of some stations, and raise the level of basalt in some parts of the railway on the line, as well as reviewing the lighting of some stations, and paying attention to the blocks of some stations in terms of painting their towers from the outside, as well as upgrading the cleanliness of their outer surroundings. Engineer Ashraf Raslan also  inspected the meeting point of the Al-Manashi / Itay Al-Baroud line and the start of the construction project of the Al-Manashi link /  6 of October , While passing by Bashtil station, the chairman met with officials of the H.A Construction Company, which is implementing the project of Bashteel Triangle land development .stressing on the need to carefully consider the design and implementation of coaches  and locomotives workshops, in addition to the rail link between the main lines, Bashtil line and the Cairo station, The executing company officials presented also an explanation of the tunnels inside the station that would facilitate the movement of passengers to and from the station.

It is noteworthy that the project of development of  Bashtil Triangle land is one of the mega projects that Egyptian Natioanl  Railways is witnessing, which is represented by a train station on an area of ​​31 thousand square meters, and its facilities of workshops, depots and railways on an area of ​​187 thousand square meters. and the investment part on an area of ​​21,000 square meters, bringing the total project area to approximately 239,000  square meters, including both service and investment sides.

During his tour to Giza Station, Eng. / Ashraf Raslan was keen to follow up the station proposed modifications works to increase the capacity of trains at the station, as well as establishing a transition station besides adding two new platforms as part of the signalling systems development project on Cairo / Beni Suef line. He also directed towards the follow-up concerning the drainage lines existing next to the station fence, giving his instructions to paint and clean the facades of the station to match the general aesthetic pattern, as well as hanging new flags.

It should be noted that the length of the line from Cairo to Beni Suef is 125 km and it consists of 19 signalling towers. The Cairo / Beni Suef project was implemented to be operated through the electrical signalling system with relay interlocking system in 1992. Currently, the procedures for modernizing the signalling systems on the line using a modern electronic system (EIS) are being carried out, which achieves the highest levels of safety and holds a SIL4 certificate.

NR’s Chairman ended his tour by visiting Wardan Institute to attend a conference with the employees to introduce the modern protocols signed between ENR and both the Chinese AVIC International Company and Alstom Egypt for transport projects during the events of Smart Transportation and Logistics Fair & Forum for the Middle East & Africa (TransMea 2020), which mainly aims to benefit from the expertise and the capabilities of educational institutes and companies specializing in the field of railways in order to develop the human factor within ENR to keep pace with the development, education and global technological developments.

During the visit, ENR’s Chairman met the institute’s employees, talking to them about what the institute offers and the goals and plans prepared to improve the educational level of the institute to develop the human factor within ENR to keep pace with the development, education processes and global technological developments. Eng. / Ashraf Raslan, ENR’s Chairman, showed the recent agreements and protocols that ENR has recently signed with international companies such as AVIC International and Alstom Egypt for transport projects, to improve the educational level of the trainers and trainees as well as providing them with the necessary expertise to reach the desired level, which will return positively to the facility by graduating new batches that have the ability to upgrade the level of the service provided.

It is noteworthy that a cooperation protocol was previously signed between ENR and the Chinese AVIC International Company during the events of Smart Transportation and Logistics Fair & Forum for the Middle East & Africa (TransMea) on the establishment of Joint Egyptian-Chinese Vocational Training Center for Railway Technology, which aims mainly to benefit from the expertise of Nanjing Institute of Railway Technology (NIRT), one of the educational institutes specializing in the field of railways in the People's Republic of China, which had a precedent in communicating with the Egyptian Education Development Fund to discuss the mechanisms of implementing the new study program for the technology of electric trains in the Integrated Technical Education Cluster in AL-Amiriya and other industrial technical institutes inside Egypt.

ENR includes the Wardan Training Institute, which was established in Wardan in 1968 on an area of ​​150 acres and is 50 km away from Cairo. It has been equipped and developed with the latest equipment. It contains workshops, laboratories, classrooms and lecturer halls. The institute operates with a full residence system with a capacity of about 750 students.

The Technical Institute of Railways Technology (TIRT) in the Wardan Training institute was established by decision of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research No. 2340 on July 3, 2019 and is affiliated with the Ministry of Transport.