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ENR’s Chairman Paying a Visit to Inspect Works at Stations, Outlets and Towers on Benha / Port Said Line


Today, Eng. / Ashraf Raslan, ENR’s Chairman, inspected the work in Abu Hammad Tower in preparation for its partial entry into service, as part of developing signaling systems project on Benha / Port Said line, implemented by German Siemens Company.

During the visit, ENR’s Chairman instructed towards the necessity of training the technical workers on the new operating system in a manner that allows them to practice their work in the correct manner, assuring that the representatives of the company implementing the development works should have one of their officials permanently present on field to avoid any obstacles during the operation process that would affect trains traffic on the line. Eng. / Ashraf Raslan had also a conversation with one of the workers in the tower to follow up his knowledge of the operating instructions.

It is worth noting that Abu Hammad Tower is one of the towers within signalling systems development project on Benha / Port Said line (21 main towers, 19 secondary towers, and 88 level crossings) implemented by German Siemens Company. Abu Hammad tower controls 27 color-light semaphore, 3automatic level crossings and 20 point machines.

Completing his tour, ENR’s Chairman inspected the stations (Abu Hammad, Al Jadida, Al-Zankaloun, Minya Al-Qamh, Al Azizia, and Shablanga), outlets and blocks among them, instructing them during his tour about the necessity of ballast clearance, slabbing at some level crossings, continuing his tour to inspect stations and the discipline of their employees. During this tour, he instructed to remove wires, random buildings and any appearances that may disturb the aesthetic pattern of the stations, emphasizing on the presence of fences in the stations to tighten control over the entry and exit to and from the stations, as well as raising the outcome of the renewals works at stations in which renewals were carried out to facilitate the movement of travelers safely and securely, emphasizing also on removing any trespassing on ENR’s properties in order to preserve its assets and maximize its resources.

Within the same framework, ENR’s Chairman, in coordination with the governorate, directed to remove the trespassing at the façade of Abu-Hammad Station in order to preserve the cultural appearance of the station and not to waste ENR’s resources, warning of the need to improve the station cleanliness, especially the station’s façade, and to make the necessary repairs it needs. He also paid attention to the cleanliness of the ticketing booking offices, assuring the good treatment of the public, giving instructions to use a subscriptions office at the station for issuing tickets at rush times for the convenience of the passengers and to ease congestion, emphasizing the application of various precautionary and preventive measures announced by the government targeting the achievement of citizens’ safety and health and the non-spread of the new Corona virus, in accordance with the guidelines of the World Health Organization.

Eng. / Ashraf Raslan, during his inspection of the works at Minya Al-Qamh Station, directed towards the establishment of additional outlets for tickets booking, giving instructions to complete the renewals of the station toilets, and confirming the opening of a restroom for women inside the station.

While passing by Al-Zankaloun Station, Eng. / Ashraf Raslan quickly directed towards the acceleration of the station roof restoration, and reviewed all water and electricity connections at the station.

At the end of his tour, ENR’s Chairman inspected the station of Sheblanga, directing during the tour to paint the facade of the station, inspecting the station yards and the Shablanga tower, for which the development works and its entry into service are scheduled at next January, emphasizing on the officials of the executing company to finalize the development works on the specified date according to the agreed schedule without delay.

In a related context, ENR’s Chairman gave his instructions to reward the gate keeper, block observer and the station master of Shablanga Station for their vigilance at work and their full knowledge of the instructions, responsibilities and tasks of their jobs. He also ordered the master of Al-Jadida Station to be brought up for investigation due to his negligence in performing his work duties.