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Safety Ruled of Egyptian National Railwasy

Safety Ruled of Egyptian National Railwasy

Our motto is "disciplined - clean - safe - developed" railways.

Safety is one of the most important actions taken by ENR in all its sectors in order to obtain a safe and comfortable service for the users of this important facility.

ENR takes several measures to ensure the comfort and safety of passengers using the facilities of ENR as follows. 

Procedures for ENR employees, which include:


Periodic medical examination for workers to ensure their fitness, whether physical or psychological, in compliance with the nature of the work of each of them.

Sudden periodic analysis of drug detection.

Continuous training to raise the efficiency of workers in all specialties.

Obtaining safety permits and licenses for all critical safety jobs (Train Driver - Assistant Train Driver, - Operation Controller, Traffic and Block Technician - Station Master- Shunting Technician - Level Crossing Guard - Chief of Train and Conductor - Locomotives and Track Maintenance Technician - Signal Technician - Coaches Fitter- Locomotives Mechanic - Locomotives Electrician).

Procedures for locomotives and coaches (passengers - cargo), which include:

Daily maintenance and inspection of locomotives and coaches before the departure of each trip.

Periodical maintenance for locomotives every fifteen days.

Periodical maintenance for coaches every three months.

General maintenance for coaches every year and a half

Light overhaul for locomotives every three years.

Medium overhaul for locomotives every six years.

Major overhaul for locomotives every twelve years.

Continuous development by introducing new locomotives and coaches to provide better service continuously.

Procedures of Infrastructure:

Periodic maintenance of the tracks and signals system.

Continuous development of the signal system with the aim of increasing safety means during the operation of the locomotives, increasing interval rate and punctual timing for departure and arrival.

 Procedures of stations which include:

Providing firefighting facilities at the stations.

Providing comfort and safety for the movement of travelers inside the stations, and given that the passenger transport system is a common relationship between ENR and the public that uses this system, some wrong behaviors were observed, that negatively affect the safety and efficiency of the system's operation and these behaviors are the following examples:


Wrong behavior by some passengers


Wrong behavior

Resulted risk



Passenger failure to comply with entry and exit doors

Obstructing the movement of passengers and their interference, which leads to crowdedness between passengers


Passengers sit on concrete buffers at the end of the platforms

It Jeopardize their lives as a result of any parts colliding with them or falling on the rail


Passenger seating at the edge of the platforms.

It puts their lives at risk as trains collide with them or fall off the platforms inside the tracks


Some passengers take the train and get off it from the opposite side l and  do not use the platforms

It jeopardize their lives as a result of falling on the tracks or trains colliding with them if a train passes at this time


some passengers go down and walk on the tracks to take the train,  before arriving at the station

It jeopardize their lives as a result of being in the midst of the movement of trains on the tracks, which may expose them to colliding with trains or being injured as a result of falling on the rails


Some passengers get on the train and get off it while it is running

It jeopardize their lives as a result of falling on the platforms or falling under the wheels of the train


crossing the tracks to move from one platform to another and not using the tunnels and bridges designated for that purpose

It jeopardize their lives as a result of the trains hitting them while they are crossing the tracks, or they are injured as a result of falling on the rails


staying on the top of the coaches or standing between coaches and on the sides of the locomotives

Jeopardizing their lives as a result of falling under the wheels of the train


Smoking inside the trains

This could lead to a fire, jeopardize the lives of passengers, and smoking  leads to annoy others


Some of the boys throw stones at the trains while running

It jeopardize the lives of passengers as a result of throwing stones


Not keeping the train clean and dumping waste

This distorts the general view inside the train


Misusing the trains  components such as chairs, doors, and toilets

Failure to maintain the internal materials of the train which affects the quality of service provided to the passenger and increase maintenance works



Some passengers write on the trains from the inside

This distorts the general view inside the train


not to book the ticket before taking the train

Passenger is subject to pay fine or to  be delivered to the police


Dealing with the conductors inappropriately due to the failure to pay the value of the ticket and the fine.

This may lead to a fight between the conductor and the passenger, which hinders the conductor's work.


The drivers' failure to abide by the traffic rules while crossing the level crossings

it leads to having accidents which jeopardizes their lives


walking in the opposite direction while crossing the level crossings

It jeopardize their lives as a result of hitting them by the trains during crossing


Failure of drivers to be committed to the defined speed while entering into the level crossings

This leads to breaking of the level crossings barriers, causing damages and accidents that jeopardize their lives


Therefore, the public dealing with the railways must avoid all actions that lead to harm themselves and others and lead to inflict damage to the property of ENR, which is the property of everyone for the better service and safety of all users of the railway facility.