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Restructuring Egyptian National Railways (ENR)

Restructuring Egyptian National Railways (ENR) aims at assisting the government to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of railway services as well as ensuring their safety through ENR’s investment in modernizing signalling systems, renewing railways, modernizing its managerial and operational practices in order to increase the response of the railway sector to meet the economic and social needs, as well as enhancing financial integrity of the party implementing the project.

 The project consists of three components:

The first component is the modernization of signalling systems. This component funds, as well as supervising these investments, the modernization of signalling systems along Arab Al-Raml - Alexandria line besides an automatic traffic control system using the computer for this section, and Cairo-Banha line.

The second component of this project represents in renewing railways. This component funds, besides the supervision of, railways lines  renewal works of priority, with a length of 200 km in Cairo-Aswan line (149 km over four sections of the line), Benha-Port Said line.

The third and last component of this project is updating managerial and operational practices. Activities carried out within the framework of this component and funded by ENR are directed towards developing and embedding the changes in managerial and employees practices, which, in turns, reflects ENR’s operational and financial restructuring.